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How Do I Insure My Vacant Home in Ohio?

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This, surprisingly, is one of the most common questions I get.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working as a personal insurance agent, learning all I can about the insurance industry to help build my clients the best personal insurance plan for them and their family.

In just the past two years, however, it has become even more clear to me just how important the right insurance protection is.

That’s because I’ve added two very important jobs to my resume, a mom and a homeowner.

With our quickly growing little girl, Everly, my husband Kye and I knew that we needed to find a home to better suit our needs.

Though we had no intention of buying a fixer upper, that’s exactly what we did.

A diamond in the rough.

And let’s just say, it was very rough.

But we loved it and were determined to make it our perfect home.

And so the work began.

Our newly purchased home needed almost completely renovated before we could move in.

But what did that mean for our home insurance?

As an Account Manager here at The O’Neill Group, this situation is all-too-common. I’ve had several clients ask:

How do I insure my vacant home?

Which is what compelled me to share my story.

I knew that, not only did I need home insurance on my vacant home on closing day, but more importantly – if my home was vacant for more than 60 days, I would lose important coverage for things like theft, break-ins, and vandalism (and any loss that may occur as a result of those!).

Even worse, my insurance could be cancelled.

An unoccupied and vacant home poses significant risk to break-ins, vandalism, fires, and water damage from broken or frozen pipes… just to name a few.

So this 60-day window put Kye and I on a tight timeline to complete the renovations, move out of our rental and schedule move-in day.

To ensure our family and our new home was insured and protected properly, we secured three types of insurance for our vacant home:

3 Types of Insurance You Need For Your Vacant Home

  1. Property Insurance which protects our new home against damage from things such as wind, fire, theft and hail.
  2. Liability Insurance which covers any accidental injuries that may occur to visitors in our new home.
  3. Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance which is an extra layer of liability protection for both our home and our autos.

Upon closing on our new home, Kye, Everly and I got to work right away.

Because we were only guaranteed full insurance coverage for 60 days while the home was vacant, we renovated the main areas of the home – just to make sure our home would be livable in 60 days.

We decided to finish the remaining renovations once we were moved in.

Thankfully, we happened to finish the main spaces within the 60-day window, but there are many cases where a home renovation will take longer than 60 days.

If that happens, there are options to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage you need even during an extensive renovation.

So if you’re like us, purchasing or looking to purchase a fixer upper – it’s important that you understand the limitations of your home insurance policy and have the right home insurance in place.

Have questions?

My name is Sara and I’m the Account Manager here at The O’Neill Group in Wadsworth, Ohio. I’d love to review your personal insurance program and help ensure your vacant home is insured and protected.

Call me at (330) 334-1561 or email me at I hope to hear from you soon!

 This article was adapted from Zywave. This is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as legal advice. Readers should contact legal counsel or an insurance professional for appropriate advice.