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Our Culture

Our Culture: The O’Neill Way

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The O’Neill Way is the only way we do business at O’Neill Insurance

We know that culture has an enormous impact on the performance of its people. That’s why we’ve decided to be incredibly intentional about it here at O’Neill Insurance.

Our Core Values

Be Extraordinary

  • Go above and beyond the expected and ordinary
  • Provide a first-class client experience
  • Take pride in the quality of your work
  • Be friendly, compassionate and respectful in all interactions
  • Honor commitments and response times

Embrace Change

  • Be open-minded while considering new ideas
  • Step outside your comfort zone when needed
  • Contribute to discussions with personal viewpoints
  • Expect and appreciate failures, and use as opportunities for growth
Learn About What Makes Us Tick

Our Core Purpose is to enhance the lives of others ​

Live Relationships with Excellence

  • Do what’s best for our clients
  • Earn the trust of our clients, carriers, community and each other
  • Speak straight with respect, and listen with gratitude
  • Make every decision based on company goals and core values
  • Never tolerate gossip, politics, or drama

Be Curious & Share Information

  • Question what you don’t know or understand
  • Challenge what doesn’t seem right
  • Share knowledge when you find it
  • Assume positive intent before jumping to conclusions
  • Maintain an attitude of being a lifetime learner

Our Fundamentals

  • Do what’s best for the client

  • “WOW” our clients

  • Make quality personal

  • Create a tone of friendliness and warmth

  • Be a fanatic about response time

  • Honor commitments

  • Think team first

  • Practice blameless problem-solving

  • Practice the “human touch”

  • Find a way

  • Deliver results

  • Get clear on expectations

  • Listen to understand

  • Speak straight

  • Communicate to be understood

  • Share knowledge

  • Create winning solutions

  • Always ask why

  • Provide meaningful acknowledgement & appreciation

  • Look ahead and anticipate

  • Get the facts

  • Be positive

  • Be process-oriented

  • Work on yourself

  • Make our appearance a reflection of our quality

  • Assume positive intent

  • Respect confidentiality

  • Treasure, protect, & promote our reputation

  • Make a difference

  • Keep things fun