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It's Time to Tackle Your Cyber Risk

Cyber Attacks Are On the Rise for
Small Businesses

Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses

43% of cyber attacks are against smaller organizations with less than 250 employees.
(Cost of Cybercrime Study)

Small Businesses Prepared to Defend Themselves

Only 14% of small businesses have the proper cyber security measures and policies in place to defend themselves against a cyber attack.
(Cost of Cybercrime Study)

Experienced a Cyber Attack This Year

66% have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months.
(Cybersecurity Report)

It takes years to build your
business and your reputation.
A cyber attack can ruin it in minutes.

4 Simple Steps to Combat Cyber Crime

Develop Strategies to Mitigate Risk

Work with a Cyber Risk Advisor to discuss best practices to control and mitigate your unique cyber risk exposures.

Create a Crisis Management & Response Plan

Develop a crisis management and response plan to protect your brand and your reputation in the event a cyber attack occurs.

Secure a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

Secure a stand-alone Cyber Liability Insurance policy to address the risks that other types of business liability coverage simply does not cover.

Benefits of a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy

Data Breach Coverage

Costs related to security fixes, identity theft protection, and protection from possible legal action.

Business Interruption Loss Reimbursement

Costs related to loss of income and increased costs to business operations due to a cyber attack.

Cyber Extortion Defense

Costs associated with ransomware where stolen and withheld data are locked until a steep fee is paid.

Forensic Support

Reimbursement for costs related to forensics and seeking out expert advice from cyber specialists.

Legal Support

Reimbursement to help afford proper legal work following a cyber attack.

Coverage Beyond General Liability

Supplemental coverage that protects your organization against cyber related incidents.

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